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Monday, August 6, 2007

The Salvia Divinorum Experience Episode 01

I went over to my friend Brians today and he introduced me to a completely legal hallucinogen called Salvia Divinorum

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Old Cybermedia Productions Commercial

This is a 30 sec spot I did for a small video editing business a long time ago.

A Day At Mustang Moon Ranch

I spent my day off going with Shirley to Michelle's place to babysit and hang out with the horses.

We eventually went riding that night but it was too dark to take video.

I plan on posting some video's of us out riding the horses soon. It'll be interesting to see how the hell I'm gonna hold the camera and ride a horse at the same time though :-)

The Beautiful Party People

Just a video I made using clips from my old hi-8 camera a long time ago. Done to part of a Marilyn Manson Song because I'm a fan. Incomplete. Kinda sucky. Goto for REAL COOL video's, bio and other Marilyn Manson Stuff.

My Eye

My first project with my new cam

Monday, July 30, 2007

Ian's goin down!

What a bunch of crazy idiots.

Add Extreme

I can't believe this stuff goes on at work.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Creative Release Forms

The Crew

The Rainbow

Shirley's brain is baking. :-P

Shirley wearin her cowboy hat :-) So cute!

Trailer for "Sins Of The Flesh". An independant film shot right here in Ocala, FL.

This is the trailer for an independant film my friend is co-starring in called "Sins of The Flesh". A horror film produced right here in Ocala, FL.


When a close-knit cult of cannibalistic humans dwelling in the bowels of a dilapidated building and feeding on fresh human flesh, abduct Evan, a seemingly ordinary man, they believe that he will be the newest addition to their murderous family.

After several attempts at forcing Evan to succumb to their dark, devouring ways, they are forced to take more desperate and drastic measures to ensure that he turns into one of them…

Sins of the Flesh is an independent horror film currently in postproduction with goals of hitting the film fests (including Orlando's "Screamfest") and eventually distribution.

Filmed locally here in Ocala, Florida, this dark, creepy film introduces Joey Nieves, Shannon Thomas, J.L. Vaughan, Becky Sinn, Alan David, Loida Garcia, Carl Summers, Ryan and Heather Kane, and many others to the world of film.

The film features AMAZING bands like Warped Tour's "Black in the Mind," "Rennick," "Mense," "Becky Sinn," "Deep Six," "Samantha Falk," and others! Written, Produced, and Directed by Erica Kane.


Send all inquiries to with the subject heading "Sins of the Flesh" (A.S.A.P.) along with an mp3 version of the song.

I will be posting behind the scenes bloopers, pictures of the cast and crew and I plan on doing interviews with some of the cast so add me now and subscribe to this blog to get updates.

If you want to see more right now then visit Keeka's myspace profile at:

Monday, July 16, 2007

Employees Screwing off

April shows her ass :-)

April says my name. :-)

More Clifton

Clifton the grouch

Ian and April flashing me

The store is now open

Ian the magnificent

The dough mixing woohoo

The Cooler

A tour of the store

Here I am arriving at work Blah

Goodnight everybody

Fell free to post your review of the Transformers Movie

Woody's review of the new Transformers Movie


Michelles review of the new Transformers Movie

Questions about the new transformers movie

This is Woody

Nevada in the dark

Michelle, Donna and Trajen

Michelle's Goat

Tour of Michelles yard

Meet Shetan my buddy

Boo Boo ride to Michelle's in the back seat.


I need to SHAVE!

Send me some ideas

What we're gonna do

The Girls trying to do a funny news skit